The Kapelle (German for Band) can trace its beginnings to the early 1950’s as a small
ensemble called the
“Frohsinn Schrammelkapelle” formed to accompany the
“Dallas Frohsinn Singing Society.”  The Singing Society itself, also known as
“Gesangverein Frohsinn” was formed in 1877 to help preserve German song,
language and culture in Dallas.  The original members of the Kapelle were also
members of the Singing Society.

In the early 1980’s, it evolved into a full-sized Band called the
“Frohsinn Kapelle”.  It
was then organized as a non-profit entity independent of the
Dallas Frohsinn Singing

In addition to becoming a staple at the annual Addison Oktoberfest and playing at
several venues in the Dallas Metroplex, the
Kapelle has made four successful concert
tours to Germany and Austria.  The Kapelle has also hosted several groups from those
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group from 1965